Acrel ACR10R Single & Three Phase Power Meter 120A with CT for Solis & Alpha ESS

ACR10R-120A CT ---Standard Lead Time: Sample: 2 days; Bulk: 1 month

  • 1ph & 3ph
  • 300A Input
  • RS485


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What’s the Highlight of Acrel ACR10R-120A Single & Three Phase Power Meter 120A with CT for Solis & Alpha ESS?


  • Single phase & Three phase
  • Current, Voltage
  • Active Power, Reactive Power, Power Factor
  • Active Energy, Reactive Energy


  • External Split core Current Transformer
  • D10-Φ10mm,80A
  • D16-Φ16mm,120A
  • D24-Φ24mm,200A
  • D36-Φ36mm,300A


  • RS485

 Power Supply

  • 85~265V AC or 100~350V

The data transmission is accomplished via the RS485 port using an RJ45 cable with only 2pin wiring.
The energy meter is powered directly from the mains voltage and along with the current measurement, your inverter will know the exact power demand (in watts)



RHI-5G Series

Alpha ESS

Smile B3 & Smile5


System Connection Wiring Diagram

ACR10R Single Phase Meter Wiring
ACR10R Three Phase Meter Wiring
ACR10R Communication Cable Assembly

The RHI-5G Series inverter uses RS485 cable to communicate with the Meter and CAN tocommunicate with the battery's BMS. The image below shows the assembly of the RS485/CANcommunication cables.

Procedure for connecting the CAN cable:

1. Take out the CAN cable (terminal marks 'CAN' on one end and 'to Battery' on the other end).

2. Unscrew the swivel nut from CAN port.

3. Insert the RJ45 terminal with CAN label into the CAN port, then fasten the swivel nut.

4. Connect the other end to the battery.

Procedure for connecting the RS485 cable:

1. Take out the RS485 cable (terminal marks 'RS485'on one end and 'to Meter' on the other end).

2. Unscrew the swivel nut from RS485 port.

3. Insert the Two-pin terminal with RS485 label into the RS485 port, then fasten the swivel nut.

4. Connect the other end to the Meter.


Detailed Cable Connection

The following figure illustrates how to connect the three-phase meter to a Solis High Voltage Inverter.

Setp 1

The ports 5-6, 7-8 and 9-10 are the CT cable connections. Please ensure the CTs are connected with the correct polarity and the corresponding grid phase. Also, please note the small arrow inside the CTs, shall be pointed towards the Grid (5-6 to La, 7-8 to Lb, 9-10 to Lc)

Step 2

1,2,3 and 4 are the voltage detection ports. Please connect the ports with the corresponding grid phases (1 to La, 2 to Lb, 3 to Lc, 4 to N)

Step 3

12 and 13 are the auxiliary power source of the meter, 13 should be connected to the Neutral Wire(N) while the 12 should be connected to line La on the inverter backup output

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What’s the Function of Acrel ACR10R-120A Single & Three Phase Power Meter 120A with CT for Solis & Alpha ESS?

Used for distributed Solar PV

●Reflux Monitoring

● Harmonic Monitoring

 Bidirectional Metering

● Active Energy

● Reactive Energy

● Active Power

● Reactive Power

 RS485 Communication

● MODBUS-RTU Protocol

● Communicate with Inverter to realize anti-reflux Function

 Current Transformer

● Paired with external split core CT

● Rated Voltage: AC 100V, 400V

 LCD Display

● Parameter Display

● Programming Interface

 Keypads HMI for Programming

● Parameter Display Setting

● Communication(address, baud rate and etc.)


What’s the Parameter of the Acrel ACR10R-120A Single & Three Phase Power Meter 120A with CT for Solis & Alpha ESS?

Technical parameters Indicators
Input Net work 1-phase; 3-phase 3-wire,3-phase 4 wire
Frequency 45~65Hz
Voltage Rating:AC 57.7V/100V(100V)、220V/380V(400V)
Overload:1.2-fold rating(continuous);2-fold rating/1second
Current Rating: 80A,120A,200A .etc(See specific product specifications,special parameters can be customized)
Overload:1.2-fold rating(continuous);10-fold rating/1 second
Consumption:< 0.2VA
Output Electric energy Output mode:Open-collector photocoupler pulse,two way output
Three-phase Pulse constant:4000、8000imp/kWh
Communication RS485 interface,Modbus-RTU Protocol
Display mode LCD
Function Switching Input Four way dry contact input
Output Output mode: two way relay nO contact output
Contact capacity:AC 250V/3A、DC 30V/3A
Measuring accuracy Frequency0.05Hz、reactive electric energy1class、other 0.5class
Power supply AC85~265V or DC100~350V;DC24V(±10%);DC48V(±10%)


Safety Power-frequency withstand voltage Power frequency withstand voltage between Auxiliary power and switch volume output and current input and voltage input and communication and pulse output and switch volume input terminal is AC2kV 1min;Power frequency withstand voltage between auxiliary power and switch volume output and current input voltage input terminal is AC 2kV/1min;Power frequency withstand voltage between communication and pulse output and switch volume input terminal is AC 1kV/1min;
Insulation resistance Input,Output terminal to housing>100MΩ
Environment Working temperature:-10℃~+55℃;Storage temperature:-20℃~+70℃

Relative humidity:5%~95% No condensation;Altitude:≤2500m

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