Telecom Tower

As cellular technology continues to evolve and upgrade from 3G, 4G, 5G and beyond, the power usage of these new systems becomes more effective and efficient with each generation.

Unfortunately, many base stations are based on old reading methods and do not reflect the potential savings when using cell towers.

By installing a low-cost Acrel energy meter on every cell tower installation, you can see your true electricity bills in real time – and how you can save money and energy.

  • Dual Source for Generator & Utility
  • DC 6 Multi Channels
  • AC 12 Multi Channels
  • DC12V, 24V, 48V Auxiliary Power Supply

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Explore Acrel Microgrid Energy Management System Solutions

Explore Acrel Microgrid Energy Management System Solutions

Highly scalable, secure and configurable platform to build solutions using IoT in manufacturing, power, and electrical.

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Important Cases of Acrel Microgrid EMS

What Our Customers Say?

  • “ For over 4 years working with Acrel, they have continuously demonstrated excellent technical ability while ensuring superior customer service. Their collaborative approach and real time flexibility in adapting to changing conditions has contributed to the success of many project goals. "

    Arnold 


  • My first contact with ACREL was through Mrs. Feeling Chang. He was extremely friendly, approachable and very helpful. It will be the beginning of a long partnership between Bikoelectronics and Acrel.

    Vanessa 


  • Acrel is one of the best supplier for me. They are so easy to communicate and very friendly. They even give an online tour of their factory. Looking forward for more business together in the future.

    Liezel 


  • “ During the time I have worked with Acrel on this project, I have found Acrel and its team to be highly knowledgeable and results-driven. Based on preliminary pilot testing and a strong understanding of subsurface. ”

    Derek AuCoin

    Derek AuCoin 

    Defence Construction Canada

  • Cloud Platform for Power IoT is a synchronous integrated solution from energy meter installation to web interactive interface that can see the benefits of features with the first click mouse. Very convenient and fast. I will be with this product for a long time.

    Tuan 