Remote I/O Integration Modules


  • DI / DO
  • AI / AO
  • CE Ethernet Modbus-TCP
  • RS485 Modbus-RTU


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What’s the Function of Acrel ARTU Series Remote I/O Integration Modules?


  • PLC
  • Automation
  • Industry

Power Supply

  • AC/DC85-265V
  • DC48V


  • DI/DO
  • AI/AO


  • Modbus-RTU, RS485
  • Modbus-TCP, Ethernet, CE
  • 1200-38400bps


The ARTU series of remote terminal units are high performance intelligent distribution components, which are applied in intelligent distribution, industrial automation and other fields, the ARTU100 series of remote terminal units can provide switch input, switch output, analog input and analog output, and can transmit the collected signals to the background through RS485 serial ports, RJ45 Ethernetinter faces, and 2G, Lora and 4G wireless communication.

①  POW: Power light

② COM: Communication lights

③  EXT: Module communication light

④  Number of channels(Odd numbers are red lights,
even numbers are green lights)


What’s the Specification of Acrel ARTU Series Remote I/O Integration Modules?


Power supply AC/DC  85-265V or DC48V
Power consumption ≤9W(excluding modules);≤15W(including modules, up to 3 modules)
 Model ARTU100-K32 32-channel Dl(active/passive,optional)
ARTU100-K16 16-channel Dl(active/passive,optional)
ARTU100-KJ8 8-channel DI(active/passive,optional);

8-channel DO,output mode:relay normally-open contact output,contact capacity:AC 250V/3A DC 30V/3A;

Communication RS485 Interface; Modbus-RTU protocol;

Baud-rate 1200 ~ 38400bps

Others Dial switch 10 bits
Indicator light 20 indicator lights


Model CE 1 path Ethernet TCP/IP protocol;10M/100M self-adaptive
MKA18 18 Switch input 18-channel DI (active AC 220V)
MK18 18 Switch input 18-channel DI (passive)
MJ16 16 Switch output 16-channel DO output mode: Relay normally-open contact output
MA84 8 Analog input 8-channel Al;0-5V,1-5V,4-20mA,0-20mA,optional
4 Analog output 4-channel AO;0-5V,1-5V,4-20mA,0-20mA,optional
AWT100-2G 2G communication terminal
AWT100-Lora Lora communication terminal
AWT100-LW LoRAWAN communication terminal
AWT100-4G 4G communication terminal

Remark: when expanding the module, an optional power module is also required


What’s the Parameter of Acrel ARTU Series Remote I/O Integration Modules?

Security Working withstand voltage Power-frequency with stand voltage:

Shell and power supply,switch input, switch output,analog input,analog output,


AC2kV1min between power supply and switch output;

AC1kV1min between analog input and analog output and between communication and switch input

Insulation resistance Input and output end to housing > 100MΩ
Electromagnetic compatibility Level  3
Environment Working temperature:-10℃~+55℃
Storage temperature:-40℃~+70℃
Relative humidity:≤95% without condensation



How to Wire Acrel ARTU Series Remote I/O Integration Modules?


How to Connect Acrel ARTU Series Remote I/O Integration Modules?

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