December 30, 2021

Acrel 2021 Year-end Summary and Commendation Conference


The busy year has passed in a twinkling of an eye, and 2021 is a year full of opportunities and challenges for Acrel, and also a year full of harvest.On the occasion of the farewell to the new, the company held the annual year-end summary commendation conferenceon on December 28,2021, to implement the epidemic prevention and control policy, the meeting was held in online video conference, The main contents of the meeting are: commendation of advanced, cadre appointment, business summary, award ceremony and the chairman's speech.

The leaders attending the meeting were Chairman, General Manager Zhou Zhong and deputy general manager Zhu Fang, Luo Youlan, Fang Yan, Zhang Shiquan, Zong Shousong, and other company leaders and core backbone. The meeting was presided over by Pu Lei of the Securities Department.

First of all, Mrs.Zhu read out the list of advanced employees, fully affirmed and gave high praise for their achievements, and then read out the cadre appointment in 2022. Next, Mr.Luo made a summary speech on the company's operation situation in 2021, reviewed the company's production, operation, R & D investment and employee income and welfare situation in the past year, and put forward suggestions on the management policy for the next year.

In the past year, four outstanding cadres made outstanding achievements and made important contributions to the company. The company awarded each Audi A6L car.

Finally, the chairman zhou summarized the commendation conference, departments, each line leadership comments and give guidance, zhou pointed out that the direction of future research and development determines the company and long-term development, emphasized the establishment of the research and development department system and microgrid architecture, etc. pointed out the direction of sales, production, finance, make efforts to make the company into a beautiful environment, clean factory, and make employees full of happiness, full of vigor and vitality of modern management enterprise.


The successful holding of this summary and commendation conference not only enhanced the internal cohesion of the company, but also enhanced communication and team cooperation awareness among staff and leaders. In the New Year, we wish Acrel to ride the wind and waves, forge ahead and create brilliant again!

Shanghai main venue
Shanghai test Center sub-venue
Jiangsu An Kerui sub-venue
Sub-venue of microgrid Branch

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