January 04, 2023

ACREL Isolated Power Supply System for Hospital


The hospital was established in 1989. The hospital covers a total area of 46094.10㎡ and a building area of 51417.42㎡. There are 600 approved beds, 15 wards and 1 ICU ward. This project is a new complex building project, in which medical isolated power supply is used for ICU on the third floor, 13 operating rooms on the fourth floor, and NICU on the fourth floor, including 25 sets of isolated power supply systems.

According to IEC60364-7-710:2002, in second-class places, isolated power systems are used for life-sustaining, surgical operating and other electrical equipment and power supply circuits located in the "patient area". Therefore, the important loads of the intensive care unit and emergency room in this project should be powered by isolated power supplies. At the same time, the insulation monitoring device is used to monitor the insulation of the system to the ground in real time.


The application site of this project is a second-class site area, including three areas. Among them, the important load of the ICU is the nursing pendant, which must be powered by an ungrounded system (IT system). The important loads in the operating room mainly include shadowless lamps, wall sockets, floor sockets, and information panels, etc., which must be powered by an ungrounded system (IT system). Other loads in the operating room, such as electric doors and general lighting, are non-important loads and use TN The -S system supplies power, and the TN-S system sets short-circuit protection and overload protection for each terminal circuit.

The power of a single medical pendant is about 2kVA. In the project, an isolation transformer with a capacity of 6.3VA is selected to supply power to three medical pendants at the same time. Because the isolation transformer will generate a large inrush current when it is started, it may cause difficulty in opening or closing the circuit breaker on the primary side of the isolation transformer. For a circuit breaker without overload protection function, the tripping curve of the circuit breaker should be D type.
In the project, a combination of 4+1 sets of isolated power supply products was used, and 25 sets of isolated power supply systems were shared. The products include 6.3kVA medical single-phase isolation transformer AITR6300, insulation monitor AIM-M10, and protective current transformer AkH-0.66 P26, power supply module ACLP10-24, alarm display instrument AID150.
The three-story ICU and the four-story NICU are each equipped with two isolated power supply cabinets, and each power distribution cabinet is equipped with three sets of systems. The power distribution cabinet is installed in the UPS room, and the alarm display is installed on the cabinet door.
There are 13 isolated power supply cabinets installed in the operating room area on the fourth floor, and a system is installed in each power distribution cabinet. The power distribution cabinet is embedded in the wall and installed in the partition wall near the dirt corridor outside the Operating room, and the alarm display is installed in the door of the cabinet.


ICU Isolated Power Cabinet System Diagram

Operation Room Isolated Power Cabinet System Diagram

System Components

1) Medical isolation transformer
The isolation transformer is a transformer with electrical isolation between the input winding and the output winding. The isolation transformer is used to avoid accidental contact with the charged body at the same time. The isolation of the transformer is to isolate the respective currents of the primary and secondary winding coils to ensure operation in the case of a ground fault. continuity. The transformation ratio of the isolation transformer is usually 1:1.
2) Insulation monitor
The task of the insulation monitoring device is to monitor the insulation resistance between the phase line and the earth, and send out an alarm when the resistance value is lower than the set value. The insulation monitoring device is installed between the secondary side outlet of the isolation transformer and the earth, and the measurement current is applied to the system. When the insulation resistance of the system drops, an alarm signal is sent.
3) Current transformer
The main function of the transformer is to convert high voltage or high current into standard low voltage (100V) or standard small current (5A or 1A, both refer to rated value) in proportion, so as to realize the standardization of measuring instruments, protection equipment and automatic control equipment ,miniaturization. At the same time, the transformer can also be used to isolate the high-voltage system to ensure the safety of people and equipment.
4) Power module
The DC voltage regulator module dedicated to the instrument is a switching power supply. It has the characteristics of stable output voltage, high withstand voltage level, high power, etc., and has a power-on indication function. The module is installed on a standard guide rail, and can be installed on the same guide rail as the insulation monitor, which is convenient for installation.
5) External alarm display
The external alarm indicator is used to issue an alarm caused by a fault in the power distribution cabinet to remind the staff to check and troubleshoot the problem.

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