October 10, 2023

The 1st Certificate of UL61010-2-030 Standard in China!

What is UL certification?

Good News! Congratulations to Acrel ADL3000-EEnergyMeter for Obtaining The 1st Certificate of UL61010-2-030 Standard in China!

UL certification is a safety certification service provided by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Although UL certification is not mandatory, it is a guarantee for entering the North American market. Products with the UL mark have high market recognition.

Acrel ADL3000-E energy meter meets the requirements of UL61010-1, UL61010-2-030, UL61010-2-201 standards, it is worth mentioning that this certificate is the first certificate issued by UL Laboratory in China that industrial meters comply with the UL61010-2-030 standard, and for this reason, UL China held a special ceremony for the issuance of certificates for our company.

Acrel DIN-Rail AC Energy Meter ADL3000-E

Acrel DIN-rail AC energy meter ADL3000-E, has passed UL certification (Certification No. 2023-01-20-E527278)

ADL3000-E is a multi-functional smart meter designed for power supply systems, industrial and mining enterprises and public utilities for calculating electricity consumption and managing power demand.

It integrates the measurement of common electrical parameters with comprehensive power metering and management, and provides 12 months of various power statistics. It has the function of detecting the 2nd~31st sub-harmonics and total harmonic content, with switching input function. It has RS485 communication port, MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645 protocol can be selected. This energy meter can be widely used in various control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems.

Direct Access
CT Access

ADL3000-E Function

Three-phase electrical parameters U, I, P, Q, S, PF, F measurement;

Forward and reverse active power measurement, forward and reverse reactive power measurement;

Measurement of 2nd~31st sub-harmonics and total harmonic content;

Active power precision 0.5S Class, reactive power precision 2 Class;

Display: 8-bit segment code type liquid crystal screen (LCD);

Communication interface: RS485, infrared;

Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU, DL/T 645-2007;

Pulse output: 1 channel active power pulse output;

Switching function: 1 channel switching input.

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UL certification can ensure the safety and reliability of products, providing better protection for consumers. It is also an affirmation of our company's existing factory quality management system and product quality. Only by following international quality requirements can we produce products that satisfy customers. Only by becoming a trustworthy enterprise can we keep on serving our customers!

Wish Acrel’s products a great sale in the North American market! We also welcome inquiries from customers of the North American market!

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