Campus Intelligent Lighting Control System Solution

The school is densely populated and has many offices, and lighting electricity accounts for about 40% of the school's electricity consumption. Therefore, the lighting control system should be used reasonably, and natural lighting should be used to the maximum extent under the condition of improving the experience of teachers and students. Through induction control, the lights can be turned on when people come, and the lights can be turned off when people leave or maintain the intensity of lighting, so as to solve the lighting power consumption as much as possible.

Acrel's intelligent lighting control solution ALIBUS (Acrel Lighting intelligent Bus) is based on the mature RS485 communication control technology, and at the same time innovatively introduces the carrier sense and collision detection mechanism, and realizes real-time two-way communication between multiple machines. Shielded network cables can solve communication and power supply problems at one time.

The modules that need to be installed in the distribution box mainly include switch drivers, dimming drivers, IP gateways, etc. These modules are installed using 35mm standard rails; the modules that need to be installed in the control site mainly include sensors and smart panels, among which the sensors are used as automatic control sensors. The module is embedded in the top of the room and corridor to detect whether there is human activity in the relevant area. When someone passes by, you can set the automatic control to turn on the light, and after the person leaves, the light will be turned off within a set time. Manual control devices such as smart panels can be embedded in the wall and installed at the entrance of the computer room, so that the combination of automatic control, on-site control and remote control of the duty room can be realized.

The system supports single control, regional control, automatic control, induction control, timing control, scene control, dimming control, and other control methods, and supports delay control to avoid the impact of simultaneous lighting loads on the power distribution system. The module does not depend on the system and can work independently. Each module has its own time module, which can automatically identify the sunrise and sunset times according to the longitude and latitude to realize automatic control functions.


the Difficulty of Controlling Campus Lightings

  • Data Delay
  • Local Control
  • Manual Statistics


the Highlight of Campus Intelligent Lighting Control System

  1. Real-time Monitoring
  2. Remote Control
  3. System Analysis


the Solution for Controlling Campus Lightings


the Function of Highway Substation Operation and Maintenance Cloud Platform

Area control

Control all lighting switches of a building, a floor, or an area through a computer or touch terminal.
It can realize switch control for a single lighting circuit, and also realize total control for each module, box, floor, and custom partition.
The switch status of the field-controlled loop will be fed back in real-time.

Dimming control

Drag the dimming control to dim the lighting device from 0% to 100%;
The status of the field switch is fed back through the on-off status of the icon.
Click the module dimming single control to realize dimming control for the lighting circuit of a module;
Click the dimming master control to realize dimming control for multiple lighting circuits.

Timing control

Through the clock manager, realize the timing and automatic management functions of the area lighting,
Realize timing control of corridors, public passages, landscape lighting, floodlighting, and garage lighting.

Scene control

According to the functional requirements of different areas, set different scene modes to complete the control combination of various lighting fixtures.
Beautify the working environment and improve comfort.

Human body induction control

Arrange human sensor sensors in passages, corridors, public areas, stairwells, conference rooms, etc.
When a person enters the area, the lighting is automatically turned on; when the person leaves, it is turned off after a period of delay, which can be set according to needs.

Curtain control

Two kinds of controls, one is a switch and step adjustment function; the other is a step-less adjustment and step adjustment function.
Click the single control of the curtain to open and close the blinds/curtains or adjust the angle of the blinds;
Click the curtain master control icon to realize dimming control for multi-channel curtains;
Through the on-off state of the icon, the opening and closing state of the on-site curtain is fed back, and the numerical value represents the value of the relative action of the curtain.

Current detection

Read the current, switch control of all circuits of the switch driver with current detection, and automatically analyze whether the circuit has a fault condition.
The current value, fault status display, and switch status will be fed back to the interface in real-time.

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