Civil Airport Power Quality Management Solution

With the development of society and the continuous development of power electronic technology, more and more non-linear loads are applied in the power grid, resulting in more and more serious harmonic problems, which also have a wide range of impacts on people's lives. The airport power system is also deeply affected by harmonics. There is a wide range of harmonic sources in the power system of civil aviation airports, mainly including lighting systems such as fluorescent lamps, LED energy-saving lamps and other single-phase harmonic source loads; frequency conversion speed regulation equipment such as air conditioners; locomotives in the MRT system rely on AC to DC during operation. During towing, a large number of harmonics will appear during the period; the baggage system is a large system inside the civil aviation airport, consisting of tens of thousands of motors, huge numbers, and the superimposed harmonics are also relatively large. The harm of harmonics is also very serious. Harmonics reduce the efficiency of electric energy production, transmission, and utilization, make electrical equipment overheat, generate vibration and noise, and make insulation age, shorten its service life, and even fail or burn out. Harmonics can cause local parallel resonance or series resonance in the power system, amplify the harmonic content, and cause capacitors and other equipment to burn. Harmonics can also cause malfunction of relay protection and automatic devices, causing confusion in electric energy measurement.

In order to eliminate the influence of power distribution system harmonics on airport equipment, ANAPF active filters are configured in the plan to filter out the 2nd to 31st harmonic interference of the power grid.

ANAPF series active power filter devices are connected to the power grid in parallel. By detecting the harmonic and reactive power components of the load in real-time, PWM conversion technology is used to generate a corresponding harmonic component and reactive power component from the converter. The reverse component is injected into the power system in real-time, so as to realize harmonic control and reactive power compensation.


The Difficulty of Civil Airport Power Quality Management

  • Data Delay
  • Local Control
  • Manual Statistics


the Highlight of Civil Airport Power Quality Management Solution

  1. Real-time Monitoring
  2. Remote Control
  3. System Analysis


the Solution for Civil Airport Power Quality Management

① Centralized compensation:

The substation is configured according to the transformer capacity,

Generally, harmonic compensation is configured according to about 20% of the rated current of the circuit breaker on the low-voltage side of the transformer, unit: A.

For example, a 2000kVA transformer, calculated according to the operating load rate of 80%, has a compensation capacity of 461A. It is recommended to configure it according to 500A. Each transformer is equipped with a set of ANAPF, which is installed between the reactive power compensation cabinet and the load for centralized compensation;

② Local compensation:

Combined with the harmonic characteristics of the baggage system and the specific power supply situation, it is possible to consider installing an active power filter.

The harmonics of the system are compensated locally on the low-voltage side, and an active power filter is installed at the port of the baggage expressway.

After a lot of practice, it has been proved that the harmonic current in the baggage consignment system can be effectively eliminated so that the harmonic current in the power grid can meet the established national standards.

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