Hospital Power Monitoring System Solution

The power monitoring system realizes the functions of monitoring, measuring, recording, and alarming transformers, diesel generators, circuit breakers, and other important equipment.
And communicate with protection equipment, remote control center and other equipment to grasp the operation status and possible hidden dangers of the power supply system in real time,
Quickly troubleshoot and improve the reliability of hospital power supply.


What‘s the Difficulty of Hospital Power Monitoring System?

  • Leakage Current
  • Discontinuous power supply
  • Low Security


What's the Highlight of Hospital Power Monitoring System Solution?

  1. Operation Room, ICU, CCU
  2. Unground Fault Location
  3. RS485 and CAN Communication


How to Configure the Hospital Power Monitoring System?

The power monitoring system is mainly aimed at switching stations and 10/0.4kV substations.
The 10kV high-voltage circuit is equipped with a microcomputer protection device and a multi-function instrument for protection and monitoring,
The 0.4kV outgoing line is equipped with a multi-functional measuring instrument, which is used to measure and control the electrical parameters and energy consumption of the outgoing line circuit.
At the same time, monitor the status of important hospital equipment such as diesel generators, reactive power compensation devices, active filter devices, UPS, and isolated power systems.


What's the Solution for Hospital Power Monitoring System?

The system adopts distributed structure, microcomputer protection device, multi-function instrument, transformer temperature controller, DC panel, diesel generator control panel and other equipment,
Connect to the intelligent gateway through RS485 bus or Ethernet,
After protocol conversion and data processing, it is uploaded to the power monitoring system.
Realize telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, abnormal alarm and other functions.


What's the Function of Hospital Power Monitoring System Solution?

Real-time monitoring

The system has a friendly man-machine interface, visually displays the operating status of the distribution line in the form of a distribution diagram, monitors the voltage, current, power, power factor, electric energy and other electrical parameters of each circuit in real time, and dynamically monitors the circuit breakers, On/off status of isolating switch, ground knife, etc., diesel generator status, diesel liquid level, UPS status, battery information, etc., as well as signals related to faults and alarms.

Detailed electrical parameter query

In the primary power distribution diagram, you can directly check the detailed electrical parameters of the circuit, including three-phase current, three-phase voltage, three-phase total active power, total reactive power, total power factor, and forward active energy, and you can view it for 24 hours Phase current trend curve.

Run reports

Query the operating parameters of each circuit or equipment at a specified time. The electrical parameter information displayed in the report should include: each phase current, three-phase voltage, total power factor, total active power, total reactive power, forward active energy, etc.

Real-time alarm

The power monitoring system has a real-time alarm function, and the system can issue alarms for events such as distribution circuit breakers, isolating switches, grounding knife opening and closing actions, protection actions, and accident trips. The power monitoring system has a real-time voice alarm function, and the system can issue voice alarms for all events.

Historical event query

The power monitoring system can store and manage remote signal displacement, protection actions, accident tripping, and event records such as voltage, current, power, and power factor exceeding limits, which is convenient for users to trace the history of system events and alarms, query statistics, accidents, etc. analyze.

Electric energy statistical report

The power monitoring system supports the integrity of the measurement system with a rich report body. The system has the function of timing meter reading and summary statistics. Users can freely query the power consumption of each power distribution node in any time period since the system was in normal operation, that is, the statistical analysis report of the power consumption of the incoming line of the node and the power consumption of each branch circuit.

User rights management

In order to ensure the safe and stable operation of the system, the power monitoring system has set up the user authority management function. Unauthorized operations (such as remote operations, database modifications, etc.) can be prevented through user rights management. The login names, passwords and operation rights of users at different levels can be defined to provide reliable security guarantees for system operation, maintenance and management.

Remote operation

The power monitoring system can remotely control the equipment within the entire power distribution system. For example, the maintenance personnel of the power distribution system can click the corresponding circuit breaker remote signal point through the main interface of the monitoring system to call up the remote control operation interface, and can execute the corresponding operation commands in the dispatching system or station in time.

Network topology diagram

The power monitoring system supports real-time monitoring of the communication status of each device connected to the system, and can completely display the network structure of the entire system; it can diagnose the communication status of the device online, and automatically display the faulty device or component and its fault location on the interface when a network abnormality occurs.

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