Factory Power Monitoring Solution

The power monitoring system realizes the functions of monitoring, measuring, recording, and alarming transformers, diesel generators, circuit breakers, and other important equipment.

And communicate with protective equipment and remote control centers and other equipment, Real-time grasp of the operation status of the power supply system and possible hidden dangers, quick troubleshooting, and improve the reliability of the power supply in the factory.


What's the Difficulty of Monitoring Factory Power?

  • Data Delay
  • Local Control
  • Manual Statistics


What's the Highlight of Factory Power Monitoring Solution?

  1. Real-time Monitoring
  2. Remote Control
  3. System Analysis


How to Configure the Factory Power Monitoring Solution?

The power monitoring system is mainly aimed at switching stations and 10/0.4kV substations.

The high-voltage circuit is equipped with a microcomputer protection device and multi-function instrument to protect and monitor,

Configure multi-function metering instrument for 0.4kV outgoing line,

It is used to measure and control the electrical parameters and energy consumption of the outgoing circuit.

At the same time, monitor the status of important plant equipment such as diesel generators, reactive power compensation devices, active filter devices, UPS, and isolated power systems.


What's the Solution for Monitoring Factory Power?

The system adopts a distributed structure,

Microcomputer protection devices, multi-function instruments, transformer thermostats, DC panels, diesel generator control panels, and other equipment are connected to the intelligent gateway through the RS485 bus or Ethernet.

After protocol conversion and data processing, it is uploaded to the power monitoring system.

Realize telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, abnormal alarm, and other functions.


What's the Function of Factory Power Monitoring Solution?

Real-time monitoring

Visually display the operating status of the distribution line in the form of a primary distribution diagram, monitor the electrical parameter information of each circuit in real-time, and dynamically monitor the closing and opening status of each distribution circuit breaker, diesel generator status, UPS status, battery information, etc.

Detailed electrical parameter query

In the primary distribution diagram, you can directly view the detailed electrical parameters of the circuit, and you can view the 24-hour phase current trend curve.

UPS monitoring

The system collects the UPS input, output, and bypass electrical parameters, monitors the UPS temperature, battery voltage, remaining time under the current load, etc., sends an alarm signal in time when an abnormality is detected, and grades it according to the degree of urgency.

Precision power distribution cabinet monitoring

The system can display the electrical parameters of the incoming line and feeder loop in the precision power distribution cabinet, and perform alarm settings and classification for the data. The data is taken from the measurement module of the precision power distribution cabinet.

Real-time alarm

The power monitoring system has a real-time voice alarm function

Historical event query

It stores and manages remote signal displacement, protection action, accident trip, electrical parameters, etc., which is convenient for users to trace the history of system events and alarms, query statistics, and analyze accidents.

Electric energy statistics report

The system has the function of regular meter reading, and summary statistics, and users can freely inquire about the power consumption of each distribution node in any time period since the normal operation of the system.

User rights management

User rights management can prevent unauthorized operations and can define login names, passwords, and operating rights of users at different levels, providing reliable security for system operation, maintenance, and management.

Remote control operation

The power monitoring system can remotely control the equipment in the whole power distribution system.

Network topology

Complete display of the entire system network structure; online diagnosis of equipment communication status, automatic display of faulty equipment or components and their fault locations on the interface when network abnormalities occur.

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