Smart Park Power Monitoring Solution

The power monitoring system realizes the functions of monitoring, measuring, recording, and alarming the substations in the park, circuit breakers, transformers, diesel generators and other important equipment in the power distribution room.

and communicate with protective equipment and remote control centers and other equipment,

Real-time grasp of the operation status of substations and power distribution rooms in the park,

Troubleshoot quickly to ensure the reliability of the power supply in the park.


What's the Difficulty of Monitoring Smart Park Power?

  • Data Delay
  • Local Control
  • Manual Statistics


What's the Highlight of the Smart Park Power Monitoring Solution?

  1. Real-time Monitoring
  2. Remote Control
  3. System Analysis


What's the Solution for Monitoring Smart Park Power?

the system adopts a distributed structure,

Microcomputer protection devices, multi-function instruments, transformer thermostats, DC panel, diesel generator control panel, and other equipment are connected to the intelligent gateway through the RS485 bus or Ethernet.

After protocol conversion and data processing, it is uploaded to the power monitoring system.

Realize telemetry, remote signaling, remote control, abnormal alarm, and other functions


What's the Function of Smart Park Power Monitoring Solution

The power monitoring system is mainly aimed at substations, switch stations, and 10/0.4kV power distribution rooms in the park.

Configure the power quality monitoring device for the power inlet line to monitor the power quality of the incoming line in real time.

Including voltage flicker, drop, voltage qualification rate, and other data to generate a power quality analysis report.

The high-voltage circuit is equipped with a microcomputer protection device for protection and monitoring.

Equipped with multi-function metering instruments for the 0.4kV outgoing line of the power distribution room,

It is used to measure and control the electrical parameters and energy consumption of the outgoing circuit.

At the same time, the important equipment in the substation (station) such as the diesel generator, reactive power compensation device, active filter device, and state is monitored.

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